About us

For over 40 years, Ringway has been a trusted partner to look after the UK's highways network as a "Term Maintenance" provider. Our clients are expected to deliver public services under challenging conditions and we work hard to be sensitive to the economic climate yet still deliver high quality services to the local communities in which we work. From the Isle of Wight to North Yorkshire, Ringway teams are a highly skilled workforce maintaining local roads for the travelling public and businesses to ensure their journeys can be as safe and efficient as possible.

Ringway Hounslow Highways

Ringway Hounslow Highways is a long term, collaborative partnership with the London Borough Council of Hounslow. Commencing in 2012 under a Privately Financed Initiative, Ringway initially set about an intense period of significantly upgrading the local highways network. Now 7 years into the 25-year contract, we've taken the Borough from the worst rated to the 2nd best London Borough network, coming only second to Chelsea and Westminster!

But our work here isn't just about the roads; it's about the green spaces, the environment and supporting the local community to engage with their surroundings. We visit schools to help children learn about how they can have a positive impact on their environment, we look after trees and planting and provide street cleansing services – you might have seen our sweepers out and about sporting fantastic designs created by local children. There really is such a diverse range of roles, especially if you really want to make a personal contribution to this great community.

Ringway Island Roads

Ringway Island Roads is undertaking the largest engineering project ever undertaken on the Isle of Wight. Since 2013 we have rebuilt or resurfaced 300 kms of highways and significantly upgraded the Islands overall appearance. This is a long term investment in partnership with the Isle of Wight council and we are proud to be able to offer a fantastic range of jobs to local people who care about their community and embrace the opportunity to make their own personal contribution. 2019 is going to be a busy year, upgrading numerous bridges, cycle paths, footpaths and retaining walls, all vital works to keep the residents, businesses and visitors safe and mobile around this historic Island.

Ringway Highways England

Ringway Highways England sees us providing a Maintenance and Response contract across the South West from Cornwall up to Gloucestershire, as a Tier 1 supplier to Highways England's strategic road network. Delivering cyclic and reactive maintenance, incident and severe weather response and traffic management, this is a vast and geographically challenging region that is testament to the resilience and expertise that Ringway can deliver. It also means we can offer a great range of career opportunities, both on and off the network.

Ringway Term Maintenance: North Yorkshire

Ringway North Yorkshire is one of many examples of our Term Maintenance contracts and probably has some of the more challenging weather conditions in the winter months that place huge demand on our highly skilled teams and state of the art equipment. All year round our teams are delivering services reflective of the seasonal impacts, particularly gritting in the winter and grass cutting in the summer. But even more so are the 5,500 miles of roads, 2,000 bridges and 45,000 streetlights that need careful maintenance to ensure the travelling public and pedestrians can undertake their journeys as safely as possible. Quite unique to this contract is that we also manage a fleet workshop, providing additional services to our client, North Yorkshire County Council, maintaining their fleet alongside Ringway vehicles. So from Mechanic, to Operative, to Finance Administrator, there is a surprisingly interesting range of jobs that keep this contract moving.